1. Death of an Israeli Spymaster: Former Mossad Director Yitzhak Hofi was 87 →

    "Haka" has died. Ex-#Mossad chief Gen. Yitzhak #Hofi (age 87) worked with USA on secret projects incl Ethiopia Jews. IsraelSpy.com http://israelspy.com/death-of-an-israeli-spymaster-former-mossad-director-yitzhak-hofi-was-87/

  2. Rebellion in the Ranks in Israel's Unit 8200 (Similar to NSA): A Refusal to Furnish Blackmail Material to Security Agencies →

    Breaking news in and from #Israel: Some officers protest + reveal Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA) gives “compromising” info to #ShinBet? Eavesdrops abused for blackmail, pressure, and attacks? http://israelspy.com/rebellion-in-the-ranks-in-israels-unit-8200-similar-to-nsa-refusal-to-furnish-blackmail-info-to-security-agencies/

  3. A New Israeli Submarine -- Part of Strategic Deterrent and More (Think Nuclear) →

    Analyzing the new #Israeli #submarine: @Yossi_Melman includes history of deterrent (incl. #nuclear issue): http://israelspy.com/one-more-israeli-submarine-part-of-strategic-deterrent-think-nuclear/

  4. "EXCLUSIVE" : Israel and Iran Share Interests -- De Facto Allies in Pushing Back ISIS →

    Exclusive by @Yossi_Melman : #Israel and #Iran de facto allies against #ISIS in #Syria+helping #Kurds: IsraelSpy blog http://israelspy.com/exclusive-israel-and-iran-share-interests-de-facto-allies-in-pushing-back-isis/

  5. Who's on the Syrian Side Near Israel? Nusra, FSA, and Brotherhood -- Not ISIS, Not for Now →

    #Israeli intel watches #Golan, doesn’t see #ISIS there, but 3 other #Syria rebel groups: IsraelSpy.com + http://israelspy.com/whos-on-the-syrian-side-near-israel-nusra-fsa-and-brotherhood-not-isis-not-for-now/

  6. "Not an Episode of 'Homeland'" - Will Take Patience & Imaginative Espionage to Penetrate and Counter ISIS: Raviv to Potomac Institute →

    Enlarge #Israeli model. 15-min.speech by @DanRaviv: http://israelspy.com/not-an-episode-of-homeland-will-take-patience-imaginative-espionage-to-penetrate-and-counter-isis/

  7. Gaza War Just 'Finished', Israel Has a New Crisis Spilling Over from Syria: It's Not ISIS -- Not Yet →

    Why did #Israel set up hospital for wounded #Syrians ? To prepare for the crisis on the #Golan Heights that now started. Just after #Gaza war ended, Israel has to watch the Syrian frontier carefully. See IsraelSpy.com

  8. 'Newsweek' Magazine Cites Yossi Melman on Assassinations: Part of Israeli War Strategy? →

    In @Newsweek @BennyAvni cites @Yossi_Melman of Spies Against Armageddon re #Israel assassinations near end #Gaza war: http://israelspy.com/newsweek-magazine-cites-yossi-melman-on-targeted-assassinations-part-of-israeli-war-strategy/

  9. Israel Won the Gaza War: Hamas Practically Crawled to the Ceasefire Deal →

    Ace Israeli commentator+author @Yossi_Melman : #Israel won the #Gaza war. #Hamas limped to ceasefire. http://israelspy.com/israel-won-the-gaza-war-hamas-practically-crawled-to-the-ceasefire-deal/

  10. Iran 'Shot Down an Israeli Spy Drone'? It Doesn't Add Up: Our Analysis →

    #Drone folks in #Israel seem honestly skeptical that the thing #Iran may have shot down was Israeli spy UAV. See http://israelspy.com/iran-shot-down-an-israeli-spy-drone-it-doesnt-add-up-our-analysis/