1. New Job for a Mossad Veteran: Deporting African Illegals in Israel -- Ironic, When Passover Celebrates Freedom for Israelites →

    @Yossi_Melman suggests something’s wrong on #Passover when #Israel focuses on deal-making to deport folks to #Africa. http://israelspy.com/new-job-for-a-mossad-veteran-deporting-african-illegals-in-israel-ironic-when-passover-celebrates-freedom-for-israelites/

  2. 'Spies Against Armageddon' Now Published in Polish -- Retired General Gets The Message: "Never Say Sorry. Never Say Never" →

    Reacting to Raviv & Melman’s book about the Mossad and Israeli spies, retired head of special forces in Poland’s military writes the Israelis’ motto is: “Never say sorry. Never regret. ..Nothing is impossible.” IsraelSpy.com

  3. Such a Tiny Country, but with Big Vision -- Israel Adds Another Eye in the Sky for Intel-Gathering →

    It’s significant when #Iran talks continue: #Israeli espionage has another satellite up there. Analysis+video: IsraelSpy.com http://israelspy.com/such-a-tiny-country-but-israel-has-eyes-in-the-skies-for-intel-gathering/

  4. Mossad's Longtime Assassinations Chief Suddenly Talkative: Mike Harari Spins Legacy →

    Our take on ex-Mossad operations chief Mike Harari talkative at age 87: http://israelspy.com/mossads-longtime-assassinations-chief-suddenly-is-talkative-mike-harari-spins-his-legacy/

  5. What's in the New 'Spies Against Armageddon'? Mossad Options Limited in Iran, Palestinian Talks Near Stalemate, Pressure from Washington, Upheavals in Syria and Egypt -- and a Traitor →

    #Israel is surrounded by so much turmoil — and choices, now, such as negotiating with the U.S. for possible release of the spy Jonathan #Pollard. Re #Mossad and more intelligence and security issues, see IsraelSpy.com and http://israelspy.com/whats-in-the-new-spies-against-armageddon-mossad-options-limited-in-iran-palestinian-talks-near-stalemate-syria-and-egypt-upheavals-and-a-traitor/

  6. Former Prime Minister Olmert Convicted of Fraud -- and that Could Deprive the Pro-Peace 'Left' of a Potential Hero →

    Israel’s Left needs a hero who could be prime minister, right? Someone who might pull out of territories, stop expanding settlements, etc. That could’ve been Ehud Olmert — but he’s now been convicted of taking a bribe. See also IsraelSpy.com

  7. Some Perspective on Jonathan Pollard, the American who Spied for Israel -- and, 29 Years Later, Might be Released by Obama →

    If #Obama does release #Pollard there’ll be mixed feelings all around. Old unhealed wound. http://israelspy.com/some-perspective-on-jonathan-pollard-the-american-who-spied-for-israel-and-29-years-later-might-be-released-by-obama/

  8. Israel's Surrounded by Trouble: Is There Something Big Brewing in the South? →

    @Yossi_Melman’s analysis of #Hamas getting together with #Iran radicals for another round of violence on #Israel: http://israelspy.com/israels-surrounded-by-trouble-is-there-something-big-brewing-in-the-south/

  9. Obama Administration Feels Insulted by Israel's Defense Minister -- Unprecedented Response →

    #Obama Administration p.o.’d (folks still say that?) at #Israel’s defense minister who called USA “feeble” in world. http://israelspy.com/obama-administration-feels-insulted-by-israels-defense-minister-unprecedentedly-strong-response/ … and more comment on the MidEast at IsraelSpy.com

  10. If Malaysia, Like Other Nations, Had Turned to Israel for Aviation Security Expertise -- Would the Missing Airliner Have Vanished? →

    #Malaysia never turned to #Israel for aviation security advice, although many other nations — including some officially hostile to Israel — did. Could Israeli expertise have prevented the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airliner? Yossi Melman looks into that.